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The McGreal Family Genealogy Page

Below is an abbreviated genealogical table, showing only direct ancestors. Thanks to Tony and Emily for providing this information

Generation Name Spouse
1 James McGreal
b 1815 County Mayo, Ireland
d Apr 30, 1889 Macedon, NY
Ann Gannon
2 Anthony McGreal
b Jun 13, 1870
d Feb 22, 1924
Mary Louise FitzGerald
d Nov xx, 1946
3 Austin James McGreal
b Jun 10, 1905
d Nov 26, 1973
Miriam Rena Meyers
b Jun 12, 1908
d Jun 14, 1979
4 Mary Estelle McGreal
b Nov 03, 1926
Miriam Dolores McGreal
b Jan 11, 1928
d Jul 20, 1992
Emily McGreal
b Jun 10, 193x
Austin "Mac" McGreal
b Jan 08, 1942
Anthony "Tony" McGreal
b Dec 28, 1946
Kathryn Irene McGreal
b 19xx
Eileen McGreal
b 19xx
Robert H. Liva

Ted Kniffin

Neil Chapman

Darlene McGreal

Frank Loreti

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