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Welcome to The McGreal Family Page - 2002 reunion

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Dear Family Member:

It appears that I have been selected as the Chairman for the 2002 McGreal/Pike family reunion. It was suggested that we have the reunion in Tennessee, which would be equal-distant for just about everyone. Also, the Nashville area was mentioned. After looking into Nashville, I found that the State Parks, where we could have a picnic style meal were booked until 2003. So here is what I have come up with. The reunion will be held in Pigeon Forge, Tn. That is in the Smokey Mountains. The dates will be August 8th through 11th, 2002 with the actual reunion on Saturday, the 11th. For those of you with computers, go to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee page . Once there, select Eagle Ridge Resort and Cabins. There you will find a selection of cabins. They have a clubhouse that we can rent for four hours to have the reunion. The cost of the clubhouse is $200.00 that we can prorate on a family basis. Since cabins come in sizes, some families may want to double or triple up to save on costs. For those planning to attend, you need to make reservations, no later that January of 2002. This way, no matter the size, they can get us somewhat together. Also, Tennessee is very popular. The longer we wait, the more we stand a chance of not getting anything. The attraction Dollywood is almost next door. You can reach that by going to dollywood. There you will find prices and information. You can all assist me by getting this info out to siblings, children, grandchildren, etc. We now have a place and date. Hopefully, we can have a body count by early next year.

Regards, Mac

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