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Welcome to The McGreal Family Contacts Page

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A small biography page will come up when clicking a name (if available) this page will also have links to immediate family members biography pages (if available) allowing for family tree tracing. Phone numbers, email addresses, and web pages are listed (if available). Each generation is indented two spaces in from their parent generation. Everyone is grouped under Austin James and Miriam Rena Meyers McGreal's 7 children according to age.

Mary Estelle McGreal Liva's Family
Mary Estelle McGreal Liva
Robert H. Liva

  Mary... removed upon request
  Jonathan... removed upon request

  John Henry Liva
    Mary Charlene Liva-Arboleda 281-578-6783
      Hazel Noel Arboleda
    Megan Liva               

  Barbara Liva               
    Josh Popkin
    Rachel Popkin Carrales    
    Sarah Popkin
    Jason Popkin             
    Rebekah Popkin

  Robert Liva
    Robby Liva
    Justin Liva
    Jeremy Liva
    Jessica Liva

Miriam Dolores McGreal Kniffin's Phillips Family
Miriam Dolores McGreal Kniffin's Phillips *
Ted Kniffin

  Steve Kniffin              
  Lyn Kniffin                

    Daniel Kniffin
    Christina Kniffin
      Gabriel Kniffin

    Nicholas Kniffin
    Angela Kniffin

  Douglas Kniffin         561-747-2372 Doug's Web Page

  Robert Kniffin
  Veralynn Kniffin
    Anthony J. Kniffin       
    David Kniffin

Emily McGreal Chapman's Family
Chapman Emily             585-787-0083
Chapman	Neil              585-787-0083

  Chapman Kathy           716-649-0247 Kathy's Web Page
  Bermel Frank            716-649-0247

    Stanczyk Eric         716-839-1521
    Stanczyk Diana        716-839-1521
      Stanczyk Victoria   716-839-1521
      Stanczyk Ashley     716-839-1521
      Stanczyk Lillian    716-839-1521

    Stanczyk Jacob           
    Stanczyk Jeanie
      Stanczyk Emma

  Chapman Ed              585-426-3502  Ed's Web Page
  Chapman Marlene         585-426-3502
    Chapman Maria         585-426-3502
    Chapman Emily         585-426-3502

  Chapman Rick            585-288-8043
  Chapman Dena            585-288-8043
    Babb Nate             585-288-8043
    Babb Jonathan         585-288-8043
    Babb Margo            585-288-8043

  O'Brien Karen           585-482-1218
  O'Brien Tom             585-482-1218
    McCormmack Eamon      216-941-8993

Austin "Mac" McGreal's Family
Austin McGreal            915-698-6522
Darlene McGreal
  Steven Austin McGreal   813-623-2411
  Barbara McGreal
    Stacey McGreal
    Ricky McGreal
    Christine McGreal (upcoming wedding)

    Jeremy McGreal          
    Kimberly McGreal
      Austin Tyler McGreal

  Donald Brent Simpson       

  Patricia Jean McGreal Simoes
  Dave Simoes                
    Christopher Simoes       
    Valarie Simoes           
    Cameron Simoes
    Matthew "Matt" Fiveashl  
    Rylee Lynn Fiveashl      

  Diane Elaine Kokoskal      
  Pete Kokoska
    Bryan Bettiol
    Shannon Bettiol

Anthony "Tony" McGreal's Family
Anthony "Tony" McGreal *
Riva McGreal
  Mary E. McGreal Murillo    
  Bryan Murillo

Kathy McGreal Murphy's Family
Kathy McGreal-Murphy
Bob Murphy
  Patty Phillips Northern
  Mike Northern
    Austin William Northern
    Ashli Lynn Northern

  Michelle Phillips
  Matthew Brown
    Brittney Phillips
    Brandon Groover

Eileen McGreal Loreti's Family
Eileen McGreal Loreti       
Frank Loreti                
  Michael Loreti
  Sharleen Tornabell        
  Ernest (ET) Tornabell
    Calvin Tornabell

Just Like Family

Mary Louise McGreal Pike

  McCormmack Eamon

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